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Life With Technology

Without technology, I would be an unorganized and unconnected student who would never know where to go or when to be there. Technology is something I have grown to love and use in my everyday life.  From my Itouch to my cell phone, I use a form of technology in everything I do. There are two main aspects of my life that technology help me with; organization and communication.

Google Calendar has been one of the best tools I have used in organizing my daily activities and work. In conjunction with my Itouch (, I use Google Calendar to keep track of where I need to be and what time I need to be there. Before using this there were times that I would be at the wrong event an hour or two early. I use it on my Itouch because my Itouch can fit in my pocket much like a smart phone. Because Ball State’s campus is completely wireless, I can use my Itouch at all times. Between my Itouch and Google Calendar my life is a lot more organized.

On my Itouch I use an application called Wunderlist ( Wunderlist is essentially a calendar and a To-Do list all in one. It lets me know when I have something that is due, as far in advance as I tell it to. Wunderlist then reminds me of what is due right before it is due. This application is a large improvement over the mound of Post-It notes that used to surround my room, desk, and computer. Wunderlist helps me keep track of my assignments in my classes, as well as other things in my life such as my workout schedule.

My cell phone is another piece of technology that I could not live without. I use it every day to communicate with all people in my life. I use my phone to call and text my family to say connected with them. I also use my phone to connect with my supervisor for my internship. Having the technology that makes me able to communicate with people wherever I am makes my life lots easier. With my busy schedule, it would be nearly impossible to sit and wait by the phone for landline calls.

Technology helps me in my everyday life. It helps me to be a better student and employee. Technology makes open communication and organization principles so that I can use every day in my life, just because they are more readily available to me.

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