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The Cell Phone Was Just The Beginning

 Isn’t it amazing there are a billion more cell phones in the world than people who have access to a clean toilet? Ten years ago, cell phones were something that were few and far between.  People today can’t leave their house without their cell phone. This small and might device has changed the way we live our lives and even how the world works. Although the cell phone has changed our perception of how we can communicate, there is something that is going to take us to an entirely new level.

The smart phone is going to take us from the present and into the future.

Why is the smart phone going to do this?

Think about it. The computer revolutionized the world when it was created and now we can carry it in our pockets. We have the access to all the information on the internet and we can get it anytime and anywhere.


By the end of 2011, over half of Americans will have a smart phone according to two presenters from Google. Think about the implications of this innovation. How does this change the business world?

People are able to search on-the-go and make decisions in real time. Businesses have to adjust their entire marketing and social media strategies. They have to be everywhere the customer is at all times. No longer is the business world just a 9-5 world.

You can take a look at the new frontier of marketing in the free e-book from Google; ZMOT.

The smart phone is going to take us from the present and into the future. The future is coming soon and everyone needs to be aware of it to keep it ahead of the curve.


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