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Animation Domination

Everywhere we look, we can see animation in almost everything we do. From education to entertainment, animation is dominating the visual frontier. Some of the animations are becoming so lifelike that we can actually use them to teach doctors about the human body. The detail and quality of these animations are incredible and I even have some personal favorites. Below are my three personal favorites in the fields of marketing/advertising, education, and entertainment.


This showcase of animation is one of my favorites for two reasons.

Number 1: It is one of the most creative marketing ideas I have seen in a long time. Who would have ever thought about have hamsters dancing for a car commercial? I am still unsure how the hamsters tie into the car aspect of the commercial, but I will always remember that Kia had an amazing commercial.

Number 2: I am obsessed with LMFAO and any company that uses them in their marketing automatically go to the top of my list.


Remember how we used to learn about the inner workings of a human body? If you don’t, watch the video below and hopefully it jogs your memory.

This is what I grew up with! I still imagine my body working like this to this day.

Just imagine what the kids now are going to think about when they have videos such as this to grow up with.

Animation is changing the face of education as we speak. Not only is it changing the way we look at the human body, but it is also changing the way people learn about all different topics.


I have to admit that I am a sucker for those animated children’s movies. They are some of my favorite movies. This is the trailer to one of my all time favorites.

Not only does this movie have great animation, but it also has humor and a good message for everyone who watches it.

Another one of my favorites is How to Train Your Dragon!

It sparks creativity in everyone who watches it because it takes you to a new world and allows you to expand your imagination.

Looking at my favorites is just a glimpse into the world of animation. Animation is starting to dominate almost every topic and I think it is going to become more prevalent in the future.

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