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Adobe Connect is the New Online Classroom

I am currently in a sales competition where I am selling Adobe Connect for my product. What better way to prepare for the competition than to learn everything there is to know about the product. I had never actually heard of or used of Adobe Connect before in my life, so it was a learning experience for me.

Adobe Connect is a online platform that allows people to connect around the world in a classroom. It creates an online classroom where people can listen, comment, chat, and share knowledge. Think of Blackboard, but with the addition of video chat and an online whiteboard. It is an incredible platform that allows the classroom to be interactive and as close to a real classroom as possible.

I learned the basics of the program during the first part of the module. This was the most important part of the module for me since I have never used the program before. It taught me about the basics from simply using the interface and the basic functions such as creating a classroom, uploading documents, and adding new members to the classroom.

The coolest thing I learned about was the video and audio functions of the software. This is what brings the software to the next level over other programs. There is a function that allows the teacher to stream live video feed to the students in the class. It also allows the students to either use video and/or audio to converse with each other and even the teacher.

I even learned how this program can be used in the business world to help people who have clients around the nation/world. They can use it to create a classroom setting without having to travel to the clients. It cuts down on traveling costs and time spent on traveling. I can’t wait to use my knowledge in my competition and hopefully win.



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