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Industry Leaders – Learning From the Best

Since the beginning of this semester, I have been closely following some industry leaders in the field of social media marketing. When I started doing this, I have actually learned a lot more than I ever thought I would. I have found that I learn more from reading 140 character posts randomly through the day then I learn from studying for a test. I have also put some of the knowledge I have learned to use in my internship and my other part-time job and I will be using it in the future for my thesis project.

My favorite person over the last few months to follow was Scott Wise, owner and CEO of Scotty’s Brewhouse and all other restaurants under that franchise. I would have never thought that someone who had a business that wasn’t focused on social media would be my biggest influence in how I would look at social media. If you just go into Scotty’s, you will see exactly what I am talking about in regards to technology and social media. Here is a list of things I have learn and how I have used them in my own work.

1. QR Codes – From in the menu to even on the coasters, Scott has found a way to incorporate QR codes all over the place. It is the perfect way to have multitudes of information available to the customers without having to have it printed. You can keep it up to date and current with out having to change the hard printed material. I have used QR codes in promoting the Ball State Bookstore through my part-time job. It’s such a convenient way to promote a website or outside information to people.

2. Facebook Promotions – For example, right now my Halloween costume is in a contest to win a $50 gift card to Scotty’s Brewhouse. Just these simple ideas of how to utilize Facebook to promote a business have astounded me. I have started thinking of creative ways to get the AMA or the Ball State Bookstore out to different people by offering contests or other incentives.

3. Foursquare – Six months ago, I had no idea what this even stood for. I always would think back to my elementary days where I would play foursquare at recess. Foursquare is going to be the next big thing once everyone starts getting an smartphone. Scott has already integrated it into all of his businesses. It is a simple way of telling people where you are at and get deals while you are doing it. It allows for geo-targeting and may actually increase traffic to a store or restaurant.

This is just a start of what I have learned from just the simple tweets and posts from my industry leaders. I could spend hours telling you about all the little nuggets of knowledge I have gathered.

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