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Evolution of Music (Not Dance)

To start we must watch the following:

Moby Video Main Points (These are from MaryBeth since I was not in class due to being at the hospital)

  • Record companies aren’t going to be around in five years, at least not in the form they have been around
  • Good for music creatively; turned the music world more into an even playing field – used to have to have a lot of money to break into industry
  • The industry used to be more focused in a select few hands that were making millions – now smaller musicians are making a few thousand, enough to at least survive
Documentary Main Points:
  • Bring ticket prices down
  • Music on television works because people can easily access the music from the shows websites after the show has aired on television; music industry isn’t broken, it is just moving in a different direction
  • Freedom from choice; people want to be able to choose the service they go to; the DJ that has their taste of music they can go to for recommendations; radio has always had that so it might be their time
  • Going to become more about independent labels because most acts establish themselves on their own through MySpace and YouTube
  • Provide quality music; there is too much mediocrity; listen to consumers preferences because they are right
Since I did not have the actual opportunity to watch either of these two videos, I will be talking about my personal experiences in the music industry. I have been a DJ for the last three years and even been in the radio business for another year on top of that. I have been on the consumer side of the music industry and I have seen the changes it has made. I started off downloading music as a Jr. High student and though it was amazing that I could get any song I wanted from people I have never even met. This led to my love of music and my pursuit of a year in the radio field.
As a high school senior, I was given the chance to be in a radio vocational program and I was immersered in everything music. I was in charge of selecting the music, taking requests, and giving news and content. The one thing I noticed from taking requests was that people really enjoyed picking the music they are listening to. They want to feel like they are in charge and they have their opinion on what the best music is. People also tended to listen only to the station if we played the kind of music they enjoyed listening to. If we weren’t doing a good job, they would find another station that was.
During my time as a DJ, I have dealt with people’s opinion of music almost on a weekly basis. You always have that person who wants to listen to Metallica at a high school dance or Lil Wayne at a wedding reception. People are becoming more diverse in their music selections because they have the chance to listen to anything they want to on the internet, or even have suggestions offered to them through Pandora or IHeartRadio. It makes it really hard as a DJ because I am always challenged to keep up to date on music I have never even heard of. I am never caught up on updating my music.
On saving the music industry, I agree completely with the documentary on the fact of lowering ticket prices for concerts. I love going to concerts, but I hate paying an outrageous price for a ticket. I got my start in concerts two summers ago when LiveNation offered their no fee June promotion. I was able to go to concerts for a fraction of the cost! If they were to do this all the time, I would be much more likely to attend concerts and even buy CD’s to support the artists.

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