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Interacting with Interactivity

She wasn’t kidding when she said that a two year old can use an Iphone better than some adults!

This was one of the most interesting things I learned is that the Iphone is a state of the art example of interactivity. Between Siri and the touch screen aspects of the Iphone, you can almost do anything you can think of. The most amazing part is that you do not even need to read the instruction manual because it is so natural in its interactivity.

The second cool thing I learned about was eye tracking and where people look at when they look at a website. I never noticed how I look at a website. I follow the same pattern of looking as most people and I usually only scan over a page.  My eyes really did follow where the baby was looking. I will actually use this when I am creating websites in the future.

I learned a little about myself with this last interesting thing I learned from the presentation. I have a tendency to pay attention to the bigger picture even when I am focusing on the small details. I was able to count the number of times the ball was passed around and I was even able to notice that a gorilla walked through the middle of the experiment.

Overall, I thought this was an incredible presentation that was filled with some great information. I am interested in taking her class in the future and to learn more about interactivity!


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